Unsere 4 Forderungen der EBI sind

1) Die EU soll ihre NDC auf -80% bis 2030 und netto-0 bis 2035 verschärfen und die Europäischen Klimaregelungen dementsprechend anpassen.

Our first objectives is asking the European Union to change its Paris Agreement goals to an 80% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and net-0 by 2035 for all member states. The European climate legislation needs be adjusted accordingly. We strongly believe that reaching net-0 by 2050 as proposed by new head of commission Ursula von der Leyen is not ambitious enough to stay beneath 1.5°C. This is also backed by numerous studies(like this one) and scientists for future.

2) Eine EU Grenzanpassung für CO2/THG soll eingeführt werden.

With our second objective, we are asking for a charge, called Border Carbon Adjustment (BCA) to be put in place. This means that imported products will be charged according to the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted during the production. That way, a European industry shifting towards a more sustainable production will still be on equal basis with countries who do not respect the 1.5° goal.

3) Es sollen keine Freihandelsverträge mit Staaten abgeschlossen werden, die sich nach Bewertung durch den Climate Action Tracker nicht an die Vorgabe von 1,5° halten.

Our third objective is linked to the second one, as we are asking the member states of the European Union not to sign any free trade treaties with countries who are not on a 1.5° compatible pathway. To decide whether a country is on a 1.5° compatible pathway or not, a neutral entity is needed. The Action Climate Tracker has appeared to be an adequate choice, however, suggestions of other entities or even new EU-bodies can be made.

4) Die EU soll freies Material über die Auswirkungen des Klimawandels für alle Mitgliedsstaaten zur Verfügung stellen.

The fourth objective concerns education. We are asking for free educational material, available to every citizen and adjustable into the school programs of every country of the European Union. It needs to teach not only about the effects but also the causes and solutions to climate change.

The complete text of the ECI and more background information on our objectives can be found here.

Warum ist es ein Klimanotstand?

Because the effects we already experience are life threatening. Partially they have nothing to do with weather events anymore.
There is a rise in droughts, dust storms, floods, heat waves, tropical storms, tornadoes, sea level, wildfires, glacial meltdown, refugees, shrinking lakes, desertification, ocean acidification, extinction, tropical diseases, food poisoning and shortages.
The global system is very complex, however we know there are several tipping points that are one-way-streets. The melting of the Greenland Icesheet is one of those. We cannot allow more tipping points to be activated, as the effects will cause unforseen changes, that can have dramatic effects. The time to act is NOW!
More information on the effects of climate change can be found here!

Was ist eine Europäische Bürgerinitiative (EBI)?

In Kürze handelt es sich bei einer EBI um eine Petition die sich direkt an die Europäische Kommission richtet. Dies erlaubt es Lösungen zu Themen die im Kompetenzbereich der Kommission liegen auf die Agenda zu setzen. Weiterführende Informationen gibt es auf dieser Seite.