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Florian · octobre 2, 2019 à 9:30

Hi guys,
thx for the counter. But is it working right? It currently reads 8433 of 10000 signatures. Shouldn’t that be 1000000?
One more thing.. What is the time frame? Is there some date by which we have to have the 1mio signatures or is this open ended?
Didn’t find anything about that.
Cheers, Florian

    thomas · octobre 3, 2019 à 8:40

    Yeah the counter is correct, it will “update” its goal to finally reach 1.000.000 but for now our first goal is 10.000 then 50.000, then ….. 😉

    Time frame is till 23rd of September next year but of course given we have no time to loose we will try to achieve this MUCH FASTER! And we need people like you to help us with that. Please spread and tell your network, even gently push them to sign too is fine 😉

    Thanx for your support and all the best

      Florian · octobre 3, 2019 à 9:26

      All right then. Let’s shoot for Christmas! 🙂
      May I suggest a small FAQ? How many sigs do we need? By when? Does it matter where they come from? Is there a quorum for the various countries (I hope not)? How do I know my signature was counted? Possible problems (see Taijian’s comment) and what to do about them.. Many of use are travelling with an adblocker..

Taijian · octobre 1, 2019 à 2:12

I would really, REALLY love to sign this, but unfortunately the google recaptcha thingy fails to load in my adblocked browser. Could you please set up a petitions page that does not rely on google spyware to sign? That’d great.

    thomas · octobre 1, 2019 à 2:22

    We are sorry to hear you have problems with the recaptcha, however EU requirements enforce us to use a captcha technology and given that recaptcha has support for all major platforms and technologies as well as language support for all European languages it is for now the only solution we can offer. However you could download the German paper form and sign in written manner? https://eci.fridaysforfuture.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/ECI-Support-Statements-Form-253-DE-DE.pdf


      faber · octobre 4, 2019 à 4:29

      Is this support form PDF also available for other countries/languages? Thanks

        thomas · octobre 4, 2019 à 6:10

        Hi Markus, which combination do you need in addition?

Konstantin Merk (@Winterrav3n) · octobre 1, 2019 à 12:08

How many signatures did you receive already? A counter would be great!

    thomas · octobre 1, 2019 à 12:09

    We will bring it on tomorrow!

Egner · octobre 1, 2019 à 9:39

It is never too late to do at least something against the clima change.

Martin M. · septembre 30, 2019 à 7:08

Dear initiators, I really appreciate your Initiative very much since it is about such an important topic. Nevertheless I have some very important remarks to make this ECI more successful:
When one first opens this website, the average reader will not understand much about what’s going on here. What is an ECI? What does GHG stand for? What is NDC? What is an EU Border Carbon Adjustment?
And most important: how many out of the 1e6 signatures do we already have?
I urgently ask you to take the effort of making this website a little bit more informative for the reader with no pre-knowledge in the Topic of Climate Change. I’m sure this will convince more people to leave their name here.
Once this is done, I can forward the ECI to my contacts and most of them will hopefully join the effort.
All the best, Martin

    thomas · septembre 30, 2019 à 7:22

    Hi Martin,
    Thanx for your comment,
    We are preparing a counter to be shown very soon (this week)
    And we will think about adding tool tip infos to the abbreviations used so that people can immediately read what it means.


      Martin M. · septembre 30, 2019 à 7:39

      Dear Thomas, thanks for your quick reply! Counter and tooltips will be great! Best, Martin

Judith Stoffels · septembre 30, 2019 à 12:43

There is no planet B!

Renate Leipnitz · septembre 30, 2019 à 12:36

No Planet B … oder hab ich was verpennt ??!

Henny · septembre 30, 2019 à 8:14

Wozu brauchen Sie meine Adresse? Was soll dieses Datensammlung? Name und E-Mail Adresse müssten doch ausreichen.

    thomas · septembre 30, 2019 à 9:59

    Lieber Henny,
    Leider haben die Nationalstaaten für eine offizielle Europäische Bürgerinitative teilweise weitreichende Datenanforderungen festgelegt. Uns sind da die Hände gebunden. Allerdings muss man auch dazusagen, dass eine EBI mehr als eine normale Petition ist. Wir können damit in direkten Kontakt mit der Kommission treten!
    Liebe Grüße
    Dear Henny,
    We are sorry for that, the countries defined such harsh data requirements for the European Citizens’ Initiative. We had no say on this. On the other hand one must recognize, that this is an ECI and not a normal petition and allows to directly address the commission!

Anna · septembre 30, 2019 à 3:29

It’s your planet too

Anna · septembre 30, 2019 à 3:27

Move before it’s too late, it already is

Schröter · septembre 29, 2019 à 9:57

Weil das Klimapaket Deutschland ein Witz ist!

Barbara Görner · septembre 29, 2019 à 1:25

Climate justice now!

Sophie Zettel · septembre 28, 2019 à 6:50

We want climate justice. Please help and comment.

Marlene Pinholt · septembre 28, 2019 à 12:21

Climate justice now!

    Anke · septembre 29, 2019 à 12:13

    Climate justice now

thomas · septembre 28, 2019 à 7:39

If you experience any issues with submitting your signature, please send us an email with helpful information (device/browser type, error codes, javascript console, screenshots,…) to eci@fridaysforfuture.org


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