Our objectives

  • The EU shall adjust its goals (NDC*) under the Paris Agreement to an 80% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, to reach net-0 by 2035 and adjust European climate legislation accordingly.
  • An EU Border Carbon Adjustment shall be implemented.
  • No free trade treaty shall be signed with partner countries that do not follow a 1.5° compatible pathway according to Climate Action Tracker.
  • The EU shall create free educational materials’ for all member curricula about the effects of climate change.

* For more information on the meaning of NDC please check this UN site.

Why it is a climate emergency

Human-made climate change has been recognized as a serious threat to the global ecosystem, as well as human life and society, by the scientific community and by most global political institutions, including the UN.

The picture above shows one of the currently ongoing disasters live happening. Billions of tons of ice on a daily basis are currently melting in Greenland. This in retrospective might well be recognized as one of the tipping points in the climate catastrophe when people look back in anger a few decades in the future.

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